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Zed & Noon

Luxury Incense Cones

Luxury Incense Cones

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Gorgeous luxury incense cones handmade by Zed & Noon in their workshop based in Lancashire, UK. Incense Cones are simple to use and one of the most effective ways of scenting a space. The slow burning incense cones release a luxurious fragrance almost immediately and the scent will linger on for hours after the cone has burnt out. No charcoal required. Choose from a range of fragrances:

Arabian Nights features an oriental blend of fresh citrus and bay leaf on a bed of delicate jasmine petals and laurel resting on a backdrop of amber and patchouli.

Persian Palace is a warm middle eastern fragrance with a luxuriously well-crafted balance of elegant middle eastern florals and rich woody musk. Set against a backdrop of rose, patchouli, cypress, and jasmine, combining elegantly with a base of light citrus and oud.

Spring Symphony is a sweeter floral fragrance perfect for spring and summer.


Tin of 15 cones.

No charcoal required

Size: 3cm/1.25inch tall

Burn time: Slow Burn Approximately 15 - 20 minutes per cone

Scent lasts up to 8 hours (in a medium-sized room depending on conditions)

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